Cooking Show
Bitch, you are here
to release your fears
to high powers.
It makes you sentient.
The first three times
I ate two mushrooms
I was too drunk
the first two times.
The third time
a new Britney Spears song had just come out
and it went one, two, three,
Not only you and me
Got 180 degrees
And I’m caught in between
Someone played it again
and again I began to hear rice
stirring at the walls.
Flowers grew.
I recognized that as hunger. 
I knew all of the words
to Britney Spears like I had
cooked it
We put breakfast on muffins
and watched a French
film shot on film.
In it, a girl did not care
about anything,
except for what
might happen to her.
I believed, I unstuck
saran wrap from itself.
I was in awe
of my transformation.

*originally published in Queen Mob's Tea House


Talk Show
Tell me about
all the shit. 
I love it
I shouldn’t, but
Tell me about
the cameras
in Monica and Darren’s
Tell me about the divorce
or the illness
and the job Denise took
when she quit her job
then un-quit it?
Tell me about her therapist,
what she thinks of it.
Tell me why this movie
doesn’t work because,
Salvatrice can’t get together
the big picture to pin it. 
Tell me your mother's
conversations with
old girlfriends she shouldn’t
have left for your father.
Tell me about the death

in the newspapers,
The names
of people whose names
become wind and never
nothing more to anyone
but their lovers.
Now tell me about the deaths
of lovers.
When you crack
blinds open do you
see a home
or a noose,
Like cuckoo clocks

on an old show
that makes you feel
like you are meditating,

like you are emptied
of talk and smoke,

Do you see a home?
A noose

Daylight Savings

at 4:30
I can
breathe a little
because the sun
about to
go down


Christina Drill is an MFA fiction candidate at the University of Miami's creative writing program.