Conversations with my five year old cousin

“I don’t want to be Iranian. Being Iranian is bad.”

“Who told you that?”

“They say it on TV every day!”

And the wind outside howls and I can’t breathe and I think of our grandmother in her little apartment in Tehran and golden, crispy Tadiq and the little store on the corner that sells nuts and dried fruit all the way to the ceiling and yek, doh, seh suddenly I am looking down on my little cousin, watching her grow up, thinking white is cool thinking enslaving people and shooting kids on the street and smallpox blankets are legit ways to gain and hold power and inside my head someone screams and the screaming gets louder and louder and I am gasping for air under water in the Caspian Sea remembering that oil greed raped our country and I am sitting on the shores of Shomal drinking cold, sweet Sharbat and I am five years old again, one long eyebrow instead of two and golden skin and I am holding her hand and we are laughing and I am showing her – showing her how beautiful she is. 

Sahar graduated from the University of Washington Law School and is a member of the New York bar. She also earned a Masters in International Studies from the University of Washington, and graduated cum laude from the University of Southern California with a dual Bachelor of Arts in French and International Relations. Additionally, Sahar attended the Sorbonne Université from 2003-2004 and received a diploma in International and European Law from the Université Jean-Moulin in 2008. She has served as adjunct faculty at both Seattle University and the University of Washington School of Law. Her academic work has been published in the Seattle Journal for Social Justice, the Seattle Journal of Environmental Law, and the Gonzaga Law Review. Her poetry has been printed in 'Writers Resist' and 'Writers Resist: Anthology (2018).' Her favorite Persian dish is Fesenjoon, and in 2016 she finally mastered her Tadiq technique.'