that’s not what we were told

a fucking wheel fell off

nuclear a bomb


everything going solar

palm tree grafitti

where’s your night time

too many pockets on your

cargo shorts

what’s the point of white socks

i need to get

to where

I’m going

you said this would be satisfying

i am waiting

you can’t hold out

the canal street post office

is open so much longer than any of the other ones

it also has the shortest lines

no one will tell you the things that you need to know

see it come along

oh yes you will find out

i’m still so weak

i get in trouble

but i do it to myself

if i were to commit a crime

i would steal from kmart

the one at astor circle

runnin through the 6

and they would never find me

i don’t want to discount

the chain store’s influence

on generations of cooper union students

heat rashes


arm hair

keep bragging about how you

wear the same deodorant as

devendra banhart


Video Days


we are the music makers

we are the dreamers of dreams

I love watching people

put tile on the floor

paint mosaics

anything that requires

puzzle skulls

nice skinny fingers

that you were born with

your striped shirt

reminds me of the earthquake

lines in the cement

when they layout parking places

when I have to pay to get up close

my hair will never look that good

I fucking hate Ralph's supermarket

if you overcharge my produce

I'll never forget

you have a way

of picking yourself up

you give me a reason to wear knee pads

converse and an early morning

the saxophone stopped

     you move backwards in the air

     catch the beat on time

make things exist for me

new car smell

and the danger of ruining it

how much we paid

to look good

remember where it all happened

I curled into a ball on the chair

to try and remember it all

the lockers, gym, numbers, codes

how to put it together

how you stay alive

Beverly Hills raised you

a Wyland mural

is the only thing bigger than you


Nicole Reber/Packet Biweekly Editor/@nicolereber on the Internet