What items are you allowed
To put inside a stroller
And push?


A figurine of a policeman,
A figurine of a knight,
A figurine of a cowboy.

(Even in my utopic vision,
They’re here—
Wandering without purpose.)

A gnome figurine,
An Easter bunny figurine,
A Playmobil™ figurine.

My capitalist brain
As the dreamer
Who attempts to recall a dream
By placing it in a logical sequence,

Thereby destroying the original dream.

An ink drawing where the horizon says THE PAST.
An ink drawing where the horizon says THE FUTURE.


A set of monkey bars
With a comforter draped across it,
For sun protection.
A lumpy ball of tinfoil 2 feet high,
Which I am kicking down the avenue.

Kate Mildew is a writer, youth worker, and drummer based in Toronto. She writes and draws about money, disability, UFOs, rocks and more. Kate has self-published two comic books and half a dozen poetry zines and chapbooks. She has a story in the brand new collection 'Music Men Ruined for Me'. She writes the monthly poetry newsletter ACCUMULATION