sap bound by the fair-haired archive

Less taught
Want slow neck out

You ask for grey but got split

All over your blouse
Sent joy non-forced fig

Blanket bound thermometer

Man alive

Undefined by a parallel

Remorseful basket glove

Bath railing

Help from the hands
Coded by the neon pink slinky support system
We felt it was time to move forth with rigorous decency
Rhinoceros balloon sent downward by the breeze
Power in the humorous fluidity
Eyes down the tube
Sponsored Dorito luxury
Sleek blink bane of my Applejacks
You seem to believe that going to the gym is the same as crying molten gold onto the backs of factory workers
All that manual labor just so you can feel comfy in your r custom fitted silk condom laughing from your balcony
You are the king of Discovery Zone
For the business of placation:
A stand of the wilted sediment
Followed by a feeling of branches exempt from all victory
You may fold it.
It is true.
You can love it.
Why don’t you just love it anyway?
A generous helping of object hangs low
To the average feeler is a bobcat’s slim laugh
Making its way toward erosion or SPACECAMP
Making your Panda Express seem black and white in comparison
We put a tiny white dot in a large slit
The result was not very humorous
The capital got back in a hijink
That’s how we began to taste glaucous concessions sent startled and brisk
The descendant of a slave owner ringing your order up at Starbucks
“What floats” said you
Disrupt your pillow that was talking

Practice having pain with a safety net

Do you feel well?
Froth from the south
Child of the Klan

Zyrtec taken lightly
Puerile fan club!
For the ephedrine was little more than punctuation
A watermelon at the end of a rainbow
The first period was yet to be resolved only by lamplight
Forwarded to the mascara cup
Wishes for clean beige counter tops pale and sandy
Soft won accolades to the cold dolphin skin
What better way to display their filthy laundry
Niccoló in the Office Depot
Westward to Shakur
The warm bubble wrap and the whale like compulsive expulsion
Space heating like a despotic dry erase board
We stick a pig on a stick and pig out
After it is cooked it resembles our flesh and the flesh of our kin less so it might seem like more of a vegetable than flesh and skin
Partake in the Keebler Elf affairs.
The affairs of Keebler Elves
The senate of the Keebler Elves
Very important
Drying the inside of buckets from Home Depot
It was cold and alert
It was a luxury
It could not meet itself
Sighed with the disenfranchised
Bask with the womb


Chocolate chip dowry sent to waddle down the backs of taped up wicker latrines

Think handsome salt water was the culprit and hair dye
My mother’s porcelain angel figurines and the fear they aroused in a 5 years old child and a 23-year-old memory
Less and more if times were taught
Racing late to the racist latte
The froth was brought to the mouth of their own volition
Internalized in the most literal sense
Happily left
Shopaholic at the Burger King

Too easy too slick
B King
Sprinkler system down payment

Spent turtle cathedral
Religious catheter
Employing the hands of the seraphim
Plucking the AARP god urges you to retire
Woman with pink and blue shirt with blue jeans silver shoes and banana in hand plus mouth redefine our sense of reality of mercury turtle pond while waiting for Connie
Honey I Marginalized the Kids
You thought you saw something but it was only a shirt
I was only trying to separate the weird brick color from the ankle
Yeti lemon hand soap
Purell daydreams sent to the dungeon to be tortured exhaustively by downy lanugo at the hands of a smiling muscular virgin air conditioner 


white tarP


white tarp

Held close to the sweeping banks
You were wrought towards the lower temperature.

The pale was switched out and flanked with interest.
Framed with the breath in mind.
sinew. So went the soles of your friends shoes.
The friend that spoke in a carton

She told you that she dreamed a little yesterday.
She specified very clearly that there was a colorful tooth.
She made it unclear whether or not it shed any light.
How upset?
Above the lip there were swinging animals making soft gestures.
You could not collect your cousins arms. The train was coming and you had to leave. They were strewn about.

You did not ask to breathe his tissue.
The rest was ash and the rest was easier.
There was a child's well being and a feeling of decimals.
Thick and linked to dresser drawers.
Fabled to have leveled the gravel road when the grain erupted.
Slanted in a way that only dull teal tones can make one feel. "Get the carpet to shed" was the only bit of dignity the squinter held dear.
Before we knew it confetti was violently pouring out of a cut in his abdomen without a sound to be catalogued. There was a furious effort to keep the event silent.
The men from the newspapers were sent to walk off the cliffs with the alligators.
They were never seen again.
Not one skull or bit of fabric from one of their suits was ever found.
When their children would ask their mothers what had happened to their fathers the mothers had no real answer.
The mothers would make things up: "Your father is on a very long and adventurous trip." Try pounding your identity into yourself.
Saw an arm off.
Naked hallway with white tarp is what you thought it was. 

Justin Anthony Rivers ice skates the ice skate.  b.1987 miami, FL.