Standing on the corner of Hope Street with the sign saying don’t walk,

The glaring orange hand telling me to walk no further, I stood still.

and started to cry thinking about a child beaten for being “that way.”

And waited.

He was living in a shelter with his mother and her boyfriend.

And waited.

She wrote that they had to “work on” him.

And waited.

“He walks like it, and talks like it. Ugh.”

And waited.

His name was Zachary Dutro-Boggess.

And waited.

He died from injuries of a blunt force trauma to the abdomen

And Waited.

And delayed medical treatment.

And waited.

Why won’t this light fucking change?

And it won’t, it won’t ever.

Held up on Hope Street, and you can’t Jay-walk because they’re targeting folks around here now and the

ticket is 250 dollars. Which I don’t have.

He was 4 years old.

And I said loud, tears in my mouth.

“Fuck THIS!”

And walked across the street like my life depended on it

because in that moment it did.

My wrists limp and dangling.

Walking “that way”

I won’t wait on Hope Street again.

Justin Sayre is a writer & performer based in New York, mostly known for his monthly show The Meeting* currently at Joe's Pub. His plays include The Click of The Lock, The Gorgon Approaches, and a solo work The Boy Sonata. He is currently woking on his first novel for young adults to be published by Penguin Books in 2015.