Brown fingers poking out from
  white snow covered hills
through a bus window in Jersey.

Tires.  Auto dealers.  'YOUR AD HERE'
  Asphalt.  Trees.  Trucks.  Cars.  
Road.  Traffic.  People.  Mountain.  

Blonde teenagers with skis are
  spilling out of cabs.  
Forgot how white this shit is.  

Asians carry new snowboards
  parkas, and snow pants -
clearly the greenest things here.  

In class we learn to pizza -
  wedging your toes in.
It's not really effective?  

Thrum of a motor
and metal on metal
as a stoned man throws you
into an electric blue chair
that drags you skyward
taking you over snowboarders
in loud parkas 
that match florescent bug wrap goggles
that face up or down but not forward
as they lay on the ground in pain
trying to convince themselves to get up
that they're having fun
as skiers dust past them
until a sign says "TIPS UP"
and you are spat onto the top
and doubt slides behind you as you turn 
and a leg doesn't listen
and a ski wobbles 
and the other leg drags
rather than glides
across an ice patch
and you wonder where $60 worth of rental gear
you paid to strap to your body 
might now be
as you stare upward
at the blue. 

Pizzas give way to carving
  slowly over time
blizzards bloom beneath our legs.  

Homeward then home.  Rommate's mom
  says I am glowing.  
I am, in fact, very drunk.



John Spain