refrains for visiting Reykjavik

fast cats / slow cats                         it is a feel of run water

long hair / low hair                          it is a touch of cold island

big hand / short hand                    it is a sea of toy mammal

round hole / square hole              it is a sink of wedge mud

clean dog / dirty dog                    it is a fuel of politics glass

pointy point / round point            it is a sense of surmised plinth

hard rock / soft rock                     it is a sleeve of dot air

open pore / closed pore              it is a notion relief map

sink hole / float hole                     it is a retina or correct floe

cold air / warm air                         it is a harbor of jump current

mountaintop / valleytop               it is a function of clot cold

deep sleep / shallow sleep          it is a pavement of fur feel

broad channel / narrow channel

                                                          it is a salt of bridge touch

ball point / cube point                     it is a reprise of plinth surmise

taut line / slack line                          it is an island of force fiber

right answer / left answer                it is a feint of close climb

live bait / dead bait                           it is an ocean of shot nod

short poem / tall poem                     it is an offer of line cape

big deal / small deal                         it is a trial of map current

old ruins / young ruins                     it is a time of dry lines

starboard side / port side               it is a plinth of expert return

wet dirt / dry dirt                              it is an island of navigate sleeve

little kid / huge kid                            it is a prediction of mammal growth

high tide / short tide                         it is a run of glass air

bright eyes / dim eyes                     it is a sound of wave wedge

rough seas / smooth seas                it is a relief of jump map

stiff drink / flaccid drink                     it is a climb of laminar edge

thick fog / slim fog                             it is a feel of mammal air

bare tree / clothed tree                      it is a lump of wet run

dry cat / wet cat                                   it is a sleeve of map notion




dictated refrain

whats the whatsit isn’t sd the locket

or well or meaning hoots

whambast or advantages

to quiver up the loop it shiver

untwizzle the guts concerned

noisy clear the hassle

halted chlorophyll don’t even try

 advised to rest up

tonight will panic the

maintenance of cloud

 clear clusters

on accident I feel like I don’t have any furniture


Daniel C. Remein is an Assistant Professor of English at UMass Boston, where he teaches medieval literature. He co-founded of the Organism for Poetic Research and currently is a co-editor of eth Press. He is the author of the chapbook Pearl, and A Treatise on the Marvelous for Prestigious Museum (forthcoming, Punctum Books), and his poems appear or are appearing in a number of places including Denver Quarterly, ShampooLIT, and the Internal Leg and Cutlery Preview.