From Aktiol


Julius stars in a one-man documentary

about how hard it is for 1 man to make

Purple. Julius stars in the 2 man documentary

about how hard it is to make red. Julius says

“The purple goes so flat next to the red.”

Julius co stars in the opening for the

color red starring 3 white men painting

the color red. Refreshments are provided

by the color red foundation. Courtesy of the

3 white men who are painting the color red.

Brought to us live by Altec Lansing among

other red sponsors. Rose’s “a series in pink”

would not be included in the biennial, sources

citing, quote, “Lack of flatness inherent in

the color pink.” Which was corroborated by

the 3 white men foundation. Julius was

invited via the Interfax news conglomerate,

an affiliate of the color red foundation. 


Conor Messinger is a poet, performer and translator. Conor runs the Hero Systems reading and performance series alongside Giovanna Olmos. A collection of Conor's work, The Land Was V There was published this year by Poetry Will Be Made by All.